Veronica Silesto


You are used to seeing Veronica in the luxury interiors of expensive apartments and villas, in the brilliance and colorfulness of the decoration. If you've known her for a long time, you might have seen a couple of outdoor movies. But you've never seen her having sex with dogs knee-deep in snow. It's tough and original! There is only one zoo porn clip in the snow on the web, but it is short and ancient. Check out how the inimitable Queen of Bestiality Veronica Silesto does it!

Veronica Silesto has been in the top of animal porn for three years now. Her videos have been watched by more than a million fans of the dog porn genre, and movie trailers have more than 15 million views. Fans call Veronica Silesto an icon of the genre and gave her the nickname the Queen of the Zoo. She managed to create more than 60 brilliant videos, each time choosing new costumes and locations for filming. All her videos are bright and passionate, filled with sincere feelings and genuine emotions.
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